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Trade Bank Pro News

We have come back stronger!
From now on the withdrawal method will be processed immediately.
Payment engineering department
Important notice from TRADEBANKPRO
Notice of system improvement from TRADEBANKPRO!
We proceeded to reduce the 2 packages available on the system.
With daily interest package we reduce by 0.5%
For the weekly interest package, we reduce 3%
Instead we will focus on a completely new day package and weekly package in February of 2020. With maximum profits and interest rates!
Thank you again for your continued support with TRADEBANKPRO
If you want to convert to a new package, please contact
With Tradebankpro ver 2.0 We want always paying and have an investment plan that ensures capital maintenance and profit allocation.

Notice From Withdraw and Profit
Hello ! System payment : Fix done
We have a file profit need share : clickhere
Happy new year 2020! We have good news for investors
As originally expected! We have completed the rate hike for the investment packages. Another news is that we are updating some new payment gateways coming up!
Happy new year !
Best regards
Good news from Christmas!
Happy Christmas to investors who have been with us for the past time! We have good news for you!
Favorable business situation! Our profit-generating plan increases by more than 60% so we will steadily increase the profit sharing for the packages.
For investors who invest in daily packages, we will increase by 0.3% for every day. For weekly investors, we increased by 2% for every week.
This profit share will apply until the end of the cycle. Nothing will change if we do not announce an increase in profit-sharing rates again! Hope so :)
This notice will apply from January 1, 2020

Best regards !
Start working with a reliable team start right now CFD trading is subject to considerable risk of loss of funds